Jabador 3 Piece (with Vest) – Sky Blue


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Sublime 3-piece jabador (with waistcoat) sky blue for children and babies
• Crepe fabric
• This jabador has a beautiful sky blue waistcoat that makes the outfit unique and gives it its charm. It is decorated with a beautiful cartier gold sfifa.
• The top has a zip on the front to facilitate the passage of the child's head. The closure is hidden behind the sfifa for a better look.
• The trousers have an elastic waistband for optimum support. The cut of the trousers is such that the child can wear a nappy without it being noticeable or embarrassing.
• This beautiful traditional Moroccan style jabador is adorned with a cartier gold sfifa (embroidery) that embellishes the outfit and makes it unique, from the cuffs, ankles and collar to the bottom.
• Crepe is a durable fabric that lasts over time and has the advantage of not wrinkling. You will keep your outfit clean. It is also a light fabric, ideal for sunny days.
• This outfit will be perfect for your child during your events or parties: aid, circumcision party (tahara), wedding,...

Sizes: 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years

We recommend hand washing


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